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Submission Guide


Publication Fees : Rs. 1500 per Paper

Publication Duration : 15 to 20 Days (Print + Online Copy)

Acceptance : Within 24 Hours

(One Print Copy + Certificate + Online PDF)

For Extra Copies : Rs.300 per copy




Five Easy Steps to Publish Paper

 STEP - 1

(1) First, Make Payment of Fees. Publication Fees must be paid before submission.

  • Publication Fees must be paid before submission.
  • We will total refund your fees if paper is not accepted.
  • There is no extra charge for Multiple Authors. Fees will be same.
  • Kindly retain Photo, Screenshot, Deposit Slip as Payment Proof.
  • Payment of Publication Fees is compulsory.
  • Publication Fees is Rs.1500.
  • Extra Copies of Journals can be charged at Rs.300 per copy.

 STEP - 2

(2) Type your paper in Ms. Word without worrying about formatting.

  • You can use any font, any margin, any size, any space, any style.
  • Keep Word Copy of Paper, PDF Copy, font (if paper is in Hindi or Gujarati) ready.
  • There is no word limit or length limit.
  • Check Your content, name and designation before submitting paper.

 STEP - 3

(3)  Use Our Online Submission System Only. Don't send paper by email address.

Online Paper Submission : https://goo.gl/forms/j6dseJbhaxq26RRz1

Click on above link to submit your paper online.

For Multiple Submission of Papers, fill different form (Online Paper Submission).


STEP - 4

(3) Congrats...! Its done. You will get acceptance by Email. You will get print (hard-book) copy at your address and Certificate of Publication can be downloaded from website.

If Paper is not accepted (rejected), we will give  total refund of publication fees.


STEP - 5

(4) You will get Print Hard Copy of Journal as per your amount paid within stated days. You are also eligible for Free Review Board / Editorial Board Member Certificate when you publish paper with us. We will not charge you for it. Print Certificate of Review Baord / Editorial Board will be given if you want it. You need to tick "Yes" in Review Board / Editorial Board Member Question during Online Paper Submission to  become Review Board Member.



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